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The following questions aim to address some of the queries you might have about Terenure Sports Club.
For questions specific to our Tennis section please click here. If you still have question please feel free to get in touch!
1. What is Terenure Sports Club (TSC)?

TSC is a local sports club in the Terenure area which offers bowling, cricket, table tennis, tennis, rugby, and soccer. We have all weather tennis courts and field sport pitches as well as a sports pavilion and a social bar with satellite TV for members’ use.

2. Who can join?

Anyone who wishes to participate in one or more of the sports on offer, and there are junior sections in cricket and tennis. Social, non playing members are welcome as well.

3. How can I join?

Check out our Membership Information page here for info on joining the club or joining fees and contact should you have any additional questions.

4. How much is it to join TSC?

The membership fee consists of two parts, a core fee, which is gives membership of the overall club, and a specific section fee which applies to the sport (or sports) that you wish to play. All income is reinvested back into the club.
To see the current fees please click here.

5. I don’t play a sport, can I join anyway?

Yes, you can join as a social or pavilion member.
To see the current fees please click here.

6. Is TSC a private club?

TSC is owned by its fully paid up group of members (though not pavilion /social members). It is managed in accordance with a written constitution which has been agreed by the members and which guides the activities and codes of the club.

7. Who runs TSC?

TSC is run by members for members. An Executive Committee elected each year at the AGM is drawn from volunteer members and the committee is chaired by the elected President, also a volunteer from the membership. Many other members regularly give their time and expertise to support the effective running of the Club and the Club is based on that shared interest and commitment of members.

8. What is a social (pavilion) Member?

If you are interested in sport but do not wish to participate for whatever reason, you can enjoy a prime seat in the social bar and watch the bowling tournaments or sit outdoors to watch an intriguing game of cricket for example.
You can watch major sporting events on one of our HDTV’s in the bar, which is a great opportunity to gather with fellow members or friends to cheer on your team or country in a social environment.
There is a golf society so an outing with fellow golfers is a great way to make new friends and of course major golf tournaments will be on screen as well, especially where there is an Irish interest!

9. Do you have a disability parking space


10. Who do I contact?

For general inquiries please reach out to or for for membership inquiries reach out to

11. What about car parking?

Members receive a parking tag. For non-members, parking at the car park costs 1 euro per hour between 7am and 8pm, with a maximum prepay of 4 hours. Clamping is in place and managed by APCOA.

12. Where is TSC?

View TSC on Google Maps

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us at

Better still, why not call in some evening or at the weekend and see for yourself!

If you or a friend have an event coming up why not look at our facilities? These are available to non-members can be booked for a very moderate fee.

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